I'm just saying . . .

M gets her order and goes to find a table and after a Good Long Time, while The Counter Girl in Hell has a Good Long Conversation with her boyfriend (consulting, all the while, with her girlfriend who is standing off to the side of the counter, calling out suggestions for what to say to encourage said boyfriend to take the bus and come down to see The Counter Girl in Hell) after all of that drama has been worked out to the satisfaction of all three parties -- none of whom are trying to order lunch, it should be noted, and none of whom are fat enough to have ever experienced The Hell of Low Blood Sugar -- Y gets her food and joins M at the table.

By this time, of course, M has just about finished eating.

Now, at this point, I should probably mention that this particular little circle of Hell is a DUAL circle of Hell. Yes, that's right. It's a Taco Hell Slash! (<--there's one for the preverts in the search logs. Who loves ya, he?) KFC.

So, now that Y finally has food in front of her, M decides that it's time for her second course and she goes up for an order of chicken tenders and a biscuit.

Look, it's not every day you get two lunches, yo.

But she totally didn't need that biscuit, you know what I'm saying?

I didn't -- just for the record -- get that (or any other) biscuit. But she should just consider herself lucky that I was too full to move or I WOULD have had that biscuit. Believe that.

And what's the moral of this sad little tale boys & girls?

The next time you're whining about how ungodly high health care costs are getting, you just remember this story about M & Y Go to Hell and you'll know exactly why . . . it isn't the Terri Schiavo's of the world that are sucking up all the health care dollars, it's the Ms & Ys of the world that just keep getting fatter and fatter and mysteriously coming down with more and more diseases.

THAT's where your health care dollars are going, boys & girls.

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