I'm Gone

No time for a real entry, just stopping in to say that I dropped the manuscript off at the fed/x on the way home tonight and it's GONE.

Wait. Did I have one before? I forget.

Anyway. I hope to be blogging here more now that I'm out from under the deadline. Not as much as before, but more than recently.

See you soon!

P.S. Waving to Christie!!! Hi sweetie, so happy to find your words in my comments.


Bear with me. We're in the endstages of contest manuscript submission. Currently, I am swearing, loudly and adamantly, that I refuse to pay f3dx to ship a manuscript that I know in my heart hasn't got a shot in hell. But that means I have to hammer out a synopsis this weekend. This weekend. THIS weekend.

My plan of attack? To come home, order pineapple & onion pizza, and cry over the rise of V3lvet Rev0lver. Say what you will about Scott W3iland, but that man can sing. And poor Sl@sh. All he wants to do, man, is play.

Life is hard for rock stars.

Or I'm PMSing. One or the other . . .

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